Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Auctions

Ebay had a sale today.

Auction listings were only 1 cent.

For me, that is a major savings.

I have seen that many sellers have gone away from the original ebay auction concept.

Most listings on there are "buy it now" ones.

And if you have a store, they are much cheaper to list than an auction.

But, they don't get the exposure that auctions do either.

So, a good mix of the different options that ebay has to offer is what I try to do.

The posting was very slow today on the ebay site - I am sure it is due to the sale.

Hopefully it didn't affect the buyers - don't need them turning away because they can't bid.

We'll see how this batch goes when things end next week.

Lots of low prices - gotta catch the deals while they last!

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