Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer on Ebay

It has always been slow during the summer.

Ebay just isn't the place to be when summer comes calling.

I admit, being outside is sure tempting, and I tend to give in more and more as the summer progresses.

But we are still listing regularly on ebay.

So keep us in mind and check in once in a while to see if we have anything you need or can use.

The KML website is winding down - we hope to retire in a couple of years.

Ebay will always be around for us, but on a smaller scale after we move out the inventory we have.

You can find us on ebay here: KML's Corner.

Take care and enjoy your summer while it here!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Taxes Finally Done

It took about a month, but the taxes are now finally done for another year.

It is always a relief to have that big job done.

The computer and online filing certainly makes the job so much easier.

The program that we use automatically imports all the info from the previous year, so that saves a lot of time right there.

No addition errors, no missing entries, and no running around to try to find all the forms we need to file.

And the big one - no worrying if it got lost in the mail to the IRS and we get penalized for not filing.

All filed, all accepted, and now just awaiting the refund - which we can track online too.

I love my computer!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Time for Taxes

It's getting to that time of year again.

Time to do the taxes.

I feel like the baker in the old Dunkin Donuts commercial - dreading it and being half with it as I delve into it.

But once the paperwork gets organized, and the the book-work gets calculated for each month through the year, things start to get smoother.

It will take a couple of weeks to finally get everything together, but it is a good feeling to have it underway.

A very big part of being in business for oneself, and once it is done it will be such a relief.

Back to the books I go!