Monday, August 15, 2011

Check Outgoing Links

I posted on one of my other blogs a couple of weeks ago about checking the outgoing links on a website.

 Well, I had taken care of all of my blogs, and the KML store website was next on the list.

Before I got to it, I was sent an email from a program I have monitoring the site for any suspicious behavior.

And wouldn't you know, there was malware.

Fearing my site had been attacked, panic set in.

Upon further investigation, I found it was an outgoing link to website I had on my link exchange page.

This link had been on my page for years, I certainly didn't expect that.

Someone hacked that site, and it was showing up bad on mine.

Well, we can't have that, so off it came,

Along with a few others that let their domains and websites expire.

It's a shorter list now, but it's clean.

And that is the important thing!

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